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QuaQua MEET is free for 1 hour meetings with up to 10 users.

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Purchase QuaQua Credits and use them to book all QuaQua solutions.

Share your credits wallet with your organisation or departement so there's no need to pay for every meeting.

Even better: the more credits you buy, the more discount you receive!


For organisations hooked on QuaQua we created the POWER subscription. An annual subscription model for frequent users.

Each POWER subscription takes into account the number of maximum simultaneous users . In other words: you receive meeting capacity on our servers that is exclusively reserved for your organisation.

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About our pricing

The price of QuaQua Meet is defined by the duration  and size  of the meeting. 

The duration  of the meeting is split into two categories: a short meeting (less than 2 hours) and a long meeting (more than two hours, and maximum one day). 

The size of the meeting is defined by its number of users (including both attendees and interpreters).

The price of a QuaQua Connect link is defined by the number of listeners to the interpretation. Our QuaQua Hybrid tool has a fixed price per session.

 QuaQua Meet is free for 1 hour meetings with up to 10 users! Perfect for short meetings, demos and testing. 

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